Our Review Process


1. Find Football Betting Tips Providers

We look for football tipsters and then investigate their websites to see what services they offer, what win rates they advertise, how much they charge and more. Then we compare this information against other tipsters we have found and studied.


2. We Test Their Tips

If a football betting tips provider matches or exceeds our minimum requirements we then join that site and test the tips for a full 30 days. We bet a standard amount on each tip and then see what the results are at the end of the one month period.


3. We Evaluate Their Site

In addition to betting with the tips, we also evaluate the tipster’s entire website. We check their customer service, we check the odds of their tips, we keep track of the timeliness of their tips and much more.


4. We Give the Site a Score

Once are testing is complete we analyze all of our data and give the site a score. We then rank the site on the basis of that score. Our top 10 sites are then listed on our web page. These are the best of the best, the sites we highly recommend to bettors looking to make money betting on football. We continue to evaluate the sites on our list and test new sites so you might see the members of our top 10 change from time to time.